May 2017

May 2017

HRVanalysis 1.1  - Available on-line: may 2017

New features :

- New data importation file formats : EDF+, Biopac (up to Acknowledge version 4.1, there isn’t any documentation from Biopac for the next versions). Matlab importation possibilities have been extended.

 - Importation of a list of events stored in EDF+ and Biopac files (see page 13 of the tutorial) or in text files (see pages 21-22 of the tutorial).

 - The configuration of frequencial analysis has been enlarged and the Matlab function to calculate PSD has been released. Thus, discrepancies may arise when comparing PSD results obtained from HRVanalysis 1.0.


Corrected bugs :

- Several functioning bugs have been corrected in this new version. Please highlight such program writing errors to anslabtools @ We will do our best to correct it and put a revised version online as quick as possible.

Published on May 9, 2017